Events at TBD

  • This event is a call-out to graduates of the BM1 Program to express your interest in participating in ACC Vancouver’s Alpine Mentoring Program; a program available to ACC Vancouver Members which will be rolled out in Spring/Summer 2024. Program Overview: The goal of the ACC Vancouver Section Mentor Program is to help aspiring climbers reach […]

  • This trip is intended for those with prior touring experience (strong beginners – fit with some experience – can join). Since this will likely be the first trip of the year for most people I expect there will be much faffing and Bambi legs.   The destination will be chosen mostly on whether the highways […]

  • This is a 4 day, 3 night ski touring trip. The preferred location is the Duffy lake area with Lizzy Lake, Meadow Dome and Phelix Creek as alternates.   Please send an email to me describing your fit with the requirements below: -AST1 -“Intermediate or better” touring experience -Adequate fitness for up to 13km and […]

  • This trip is for those with little to no touring experience. Anyone can sign up but beginners are given preference. Split Boarders welcome. Beginner Plus = with the Coquihalla closed and me not wanting to go to Pauls Ridge there are not many areas with easy approaches so good-to-better fitness is required.   If visibility […]