Waivers and Guidelines

Alpine Club of Canada – Release of Liability/Waiver Form

Waiver form (EN)– pdf format

This form is used on all Club outings (trips, camps, trailwork and courses) to protect the Club, trip organizers and member participants. Trip organizers must ensure that the form is read, understood and signed by each trip participant at the start of a trip, and then returned to the Vancouver Section Activities Chair, either at a monthly meeting/social or by mail to:

ACC Vancouver Section – Event Waiver
595 Burrard Street
PO Box 48241 Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1

Guidelines for Trip Coordinators

The guide at this link gives you some recommendations on how to plan and manage a trip safely.  The ACC Vancouver website provides you with a good list of participants and their emergency contacts.  Make sure you leave the trip plan with a responsible person who will ensure that you get back and contact 9-1-1 if you are late.  We have also prepared a website guide to help trip coordinators create trips and events.


Guidelines for Vehicle Expenses

Guidelines for Vehicle Expenses on ACC Vancouver Section Trips

AdventureSmart Trip Plan Form

Trip Plan – pdf format
This form has been developed by AdventureSmart and the BC Search and Rescue Association to assist people in preparing for a trip. It reminds us to record information thoroughly and identify an emergency contact person for each and every trip.  See the guideline for Trip Coordinators above for more details on how trip plans should be prepared on club trips.


Alpine Club of Canada – Accident Report Form

If you are the coordinator of a club trip where an accident occurs, please contact the Section Chair to report the accident.  They can supply you with a form to fill out.

  1.  The Accident Reporting form.
  2.  A form that allows the trip leader to capture emergency contact info from each participant.

More information can be found at the Alpine Club of Canada National office.


Alpine Club of Canada – Declaration of health form