The Vancouver Section has two huts that we own and operate independently from the National club and other sections.

A special thanks go to Black Tusk Helicopters.  Without their ongoing support for storage, staging (materials, supplies, propane, honey pot pump outs/switch outs) and maintenance support, we could not run as cost effectively or efficiently. Thanks also go to Blackcomb Helicopters for supporting Squamish Search and Rescue who help to provide emergency services to all of us recreating in the Tantalus Range.  ACMG and IFMGA guides provide eyes on the Huts and feet on the ground assisting with barrel swap outs and at times maintenance on the Huts. More thanks go to the many volunteers and industry leaders donating their time to make improvements to our Huts.

Jim Haberl Hut

The Jim Haberl Hut is a welcoming and comfortable base for mountaineering in the Tantalus Range. It is located at a 1800 m elevation in the Serratus-Dione Col, about a 6-hour hike above Lake Lovely Water and the Tantalus Hut.  Most visitors fly by helicopter to the hut.

Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water

The Tantalus Hut was built by the ACC in 1961 as a base for mountaineering. It is located at the east end (outflow) of Lake Lovely Water (elevation 1175 m) in the Tantalus Range in the Coast Mountains, 65 km northwest of Vancouver (just north of Squamish).

Spearhead – Kees and Claire Hut

The Kees and Claire Hut opened in 2019 and is a fantastic facility. It has bunks for 38 people, self-serve cooking facilities, a dining area and lounge,  propane heating and electric light. It is located at Russet Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park, east of Whistler and is a wonderful destination for hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing. 

For the latest information and bookings, see and ACC-Vancouver members get a discount; log in for details.

(Please do not make enquiries for the Kees and Claire Hut through the Vancouver Section info@ or huts@, as they will not get answered.)

ACC National Huts

The Alpine Club of Canada has about 30 huts mostly in the Rockies that are managed by the National Office.  Vancouver Section members get a discount on these huts too.  

Check the ACC huts page for more information.


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