Jim Haberl Hut


Effective Dec 5, 2021

The information here supersedes any other information on the website for the period of March 1 – Sept 30, 2022.

All other aspects on the website regarding huts apply, please refer to them.

An opening strategy for our Huts and a full cost modelling of different scenarios has been done to judge if we can meet our operational costs during this time and the best scenario is outlined below.

  • Decreased capacity, Max occupancy of 8 – Capacity of 12 returned as of May 2022
  • Exclusive whole hut booking
  • an increased cost
  • 3 nights minimum, set nights
  • Proof of Full COVID vaccination required

This model allows the section to keep the facility open during this difficult time.  If this model does not work, the Section may be forced to keep the huts closed until a potential reopening at a later date. Please read carefully and only book if you can meet what is outlined as there are no refunds.   Options to move within a prescribed timeframe depending on availability is described below but is limited. 

  • Exclusive whole hut booking for a max group size of 8. (Capacity returned to 12 as of May 2022) (no sharing with unknown groups to fill the hut at this time)
  • A single person must be responsible for making the group booking
  • Fri/Sat/Sun 3 night or Mon/Tues/Wed (Weekend group check out on Monday is 11am, Monday group check in at 3pm) Outgoing and incoming groups leaving late or arriving early to take advantage of recreating for the day can work together to store items in the vestibule during transitions. 
  • Groups coming out must clean the hut following directions posted in the hut, and incoming groups must clean the hut following the same directions.  This will ensure a well sanitized hut under the supervision of each user group. The Hut is user cleaned and this is very important each group going in, please take this seriously. 
  • $2000 set price for the Fri/Sat/Sun nights and $1700 for Mon/Tues/Wed nights hut use.  See discount and advanced booking under Reservations for an all-ACC Vancouver Section group.  (Group members must be listed at the time of booking and memberships active)
  • If interested, the Thurs night can be added to your booking for a fee of $500 either on the weekend nights or the weekday nights booking.  Inquiries for the availability of this extra night should be made at the time of requesting your dates. 
  • A decrease in your group size does not warrant any partial refund as the booking is for the whole hut.  If a member of your group cannot go then a replacement can be found that is within your usual group and all information must be passed onto the booking agent through your original booking email at [email protected].
  • Full payment within 48hrs once accepted or booking is dropped.
  • No cancellation/refund (weather is not a consideration) – During the Haberl Hut winter season – March 1 – May 30, you will have the ability to move to another open spot.  This is for use if you could not get in on each day of your booking…ie, if you cannot get in the first day then you must try the second day etc.  During the summer season, June 1-Sept 30, you can move to another open spot following the above wording.  This is not guaranteed as the number of bookings available is limited. There may be an up-charge if you are going from a weekday booking to a more expensive weekend booking.  No refund of difference for the reverse.
  • NO carry forward of any missed/cancelled bookings – no exceptions other than what is outlined above
  • All people in the booking must read and adhere to the ACC Vancouver Section, posted online and in the hut, COVID-19 Safety Plan and Fire suppression plan.  It is the responsibility of the person booking to ensure all people in the booking must read them prior to going in.
  • ACC Covid-19 Safety Plan – Most up to date form is found under the link https://accvancouver.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/COVID_SP-Jan-9-22.pdf 
  • The Person making the booking Must fill out and obtain from others in the booking, a signed ACC Health declaration form (declaration no longer required as of March 2,2022) and send all as one attachment the day before they go in.  If this is not received the codes will not be released, therefore no access and there will be no refund. This is your responsibility.
  • The code will be sent as late as the night before your trip as it can change frequently. If you have not received it, it is the responsibility of the person booking to reach out and request it using your confirmation email.  The ACC and the user will both take responsibility to ensure the code is sent.  Take note cellular access outside the bedroom windows on the high point of rock is possible at times. It is also possible sometimes within the hut near the south windows. Sometimes calls and texts work. Emails can be attempted should communication be necessary with the ACCV. Email is our mode of communication. 
  • Any emergency should be directed to 911 or your emergency contact to initiate a SAR call out
  • Preparedness for backcountry travel is the responsibility of the hut user.  They must provide their own reliable mode of communication for emergencies. 
  • ACC Declaration of Health – most up to date form is found under the link (No longer required as of May 2022) https://accvancouver.ca/resources/waivers/  
  • If the booking is made by a guide,  ACC Health Declarations are still required. (No longer required as of May 2022)
  • The booking form must be completed with all the information requested or the request will be discarded without notice.  (ie, all names, mobile number, and emails for each person going in) This information may be used for contact tracing or for Search and Rescue needs.
  • Proof of vaccinations must be supplied by the person booking for each member of your group.  This is to be provided once your booking is confirmed and must be sent all at once to the same email chain.  It will be verified.  Please make sure people’s names match their vaccination card. The lock code will not be sent until the vacc cards are received.
  • A trip follow-up contact by the booking agent may take place to inquire about hut status and your stay
  • The ACC Vancouver Section reserves the right to close the huts at any time if we cannot cover our operational costs.  If we must close them and your booking is cancelled, then a refund for your booking will take place.
  • Hut users MUST bring your own hand sanitizer and masks for use at the huts and for use on the Helicopters should you be flying in.
  • It is up to the Hut users to arrange their flights with the Helicopter company to confirm they can fly you before making your booking as there are no refunds for any reason.
  • NOTE: It is a legal requirement that proof of vaccination for air travel is provided. This may change, please check with your flight company
  • Reservations:   Required.  


The Haberl Hut Winter bookings,  March 1 – May 30 are open to a full ACC Vancouver Section group.  Non members can start booking Dec 19.   

Summer bookings, June 1-Sept 30, 2022 open Jan 1 for a full ACC Vancouver Section Group and March 1 for non members.  

Full ACC Vancouver Section Groups receive a 10% discount.  All participants names, with active membership numbers must be on the reservation form. Not added after. 


The Jim Haberl Hut was built on site during the summer of 2005 and spring of 2006 by the ACC and Jim’s family and friends. Prefabrication of the hut frame was completed with the assistance of the 192nd Airfield Engineers during the summer of 2004.
The Jim Haberl Hut is a welcoming and comfortable base for mountaineering in the Tantalus Range. It is located at 6800 foot elevation in the Serratus-Dione Col, about a 6-hour hike above Lake Lovely Water and the Tantalus Hut. The site is located on the edge of Tantalus Provincial Park at 551600 northerly/477800 easterly on map 92G/14 (Cheakamus River).
The hut is kept locked. There is an emergency vestibule that is kept unlocked. Ensure this door is always closed to keep snow and rain out. To book your stay, please use the link below to read the Hut Use and Booking Guidelines Policy and to pay the overnight fees. The hut is a one-storey wood structure with metal roofing and cladding. There is a large kitchen and sitting room, plus two sleeping rooms with bunks for 12 that have sleeping pads. The kitchen is outfitted with propane cook tops and full cooking and eating utensils. A wood burning stove keeps the hut cozy on chilly days. Compressed sawdust bricks are supplied as the fuel source.

The terrain around the hut is dramatic and most suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers. There is a wide variety of mixed snow and rock routes of various grades on peaks such as: Tantalus 2603m (8540′); Dione 2590m (8500′); Alpha 2305m (7562′); Serratus 2326m (7632′) and many others. Climbing in the area is covered in Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern B.C. by Bruce Fairley, and in Alpine Select by Kevin McLane. The terrain is not suitable for general ski touring due to the avalanche hazard, however steep skiing and snowboarding is possible by experienced parties during spring months.

To book your stay, please use the orange “Make a Booking” box below to read the Hut Use and Booking Guidelines Policy and to pay the overnight fees. 

Open from March 1 to Sept 30. A review of the opening during Jan Feb 2018 took place by the Vancouver Executive. After an initial trial of being open Jan/Feb of 2018 and due to the high number of cancellations with the success of only two parties getting in, cost to the club trying to keep it open and facility issues needing addressing, it was unanimously decided not to open during this time frame. Facility issues are being addressed and if there are changes in the future around this topic it will be posted to this website. Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

Access on Foot:
Take the trail to Lake Lovelywater, carry on past Lambda Lake, then follow a mountaineering route up steep scree & snow to the Ionia-Serratus Col. Cross a small glacier northwards to the Serratus-Dione Col.  Access to the Lake Lovely Water trail requires crossing the Squamish River.  The ACC Vancouver does not provide river crossing services.  Please go to the BC Parks Website (Link is below). Read the information under “Facilities” and under the subtitle of “walk in/backcountry/camping”  and Search online for available options BEFORE booking the Hut. 

Access by Helicopter:
For transportation by air: Please see current list of providers at BC Parks website.

Reservations:  Required.  

The Haberl Hut Winter bookings,  March 1 – May 30 are open to a full ACC Vancouver Section group.  Non members can start booking Dec 19.   

Summer bookings, June 1-Sept 30, 2022 open Jan 1 for a full ACC Vancouver Section Group and March 1 for non members.  A full ACC Vancouver Section group receives a 10% discount, participants must be listed and active members at the time of booking. 

Full ACC Vancouver Section Groups receive a 10% discount.  All participants names, with membership numbers must be on the reservation form. Not added after. 

Please note: Do not tent directly beside or near the Haberl Hut. The snow/rock covered area on the E side of the Hut is designated and reserved as a helicopter landing area in accordance with BC Parks’ Aviation Plan in effect for Tantalus Provincial Park. Helicopters land there on a regular and unannounced basis, for drop off and pick up of passengers, dealing with maintenance issues for ACCV, supporting SAR operations or on BC Parks business. Helicopters must not be impeded in their specific choice of a level and safe landing spot in that area – whether by people or tents. Please camp at the site of the demolished Red Tit Hut, up the rocks from the Hut moving south approximately 100m. This keeps tents at a safe distance from the helipad areas. Tenters are not permitted to use the hut, only booked in people are permitted. The vestibule is kept unlocked as an emergency shelter only, no camping inside. Please keep the vestibule door closed and secured to the railing with the provided rope to keep snow and rain out especially during the winter/snow months to avoid the door being frozen open. 

Important note:

Please read fully each section on your way through the links to the Bookings Form. If you are asking questions and they are in the pre read materials you will be referred back here to read. Fill the bookings form out completely to avoid delays. NOTE: Your booking will be cancelled and no refund given and no further use of the Huts should your booking have any deception associated with it. IE: taking in more people than what you booked for. Claiming member when your not. Accessing the Huts without permission. Before clicking on booking link below this, please read the rest of the material on this page.

Thank you for inquiring about the ACC Vancouver Section Huts, we appreciate the bookings we receive as they support our huts for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs so we can continue to offer them to you.

Please read through the information and follow the links.

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