Governance Model

The ACC – Vancouver Section executive decided that it is in the section’s best interests to define and formalize a governance structure. It may seem strange that the section has functioned without a formal structure for over a hundred years but we have now grown to the point that a formal structure is needed.

The executive formed a Governance Committee in fall 2018. The committee developed a governance model which was unanimously approved by the section executive at their March 13, 2019 meeting. We are now showing the model to the members and obtaining comments.

The model will be used to write a new set of section bylaws. These bylaws will be presented to the section membership for approval either at a Special General Meeting  to coincide with the June 25, 2019 social or the November 26 Annual General Meeting.

In the meantime, please review the governance model and give us your comments if any. A printed copy of the model will be on display and the March, April, and May socials.