Beginner Plus – Duffy area

January 16th 2022


This trip is for those with little to no touring experience. Anyone can sign up but beginners are given preference. Split Boarders welcome.

Beginner Plus = with the Coquihalla closed and me not wanting to go to Pauls Ridge there are not many areas with easy approaches so good-to-better fitness is required.


If visibility is questionable we will go to Joffre Shoulder. If visibility looks favorable then we will will go to Tzsil in the Joffre Lakes area.


Please send an email to me explaining your fit with the requirements below:

-Good-to-better fitness for a full day out


-Ability to ski Black runs off piste in any conditions

-Ability to ski tight trees on firm snow (often needed for the end of the day to return to the cars)

-Good Company

-Chocolate for the leader


With Covid raging again be prepared to drive solo. You are welcome to carpool with others if you can arrange it. I will only have 1 or 2 close friends in my car.

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.