Events at Jim Haberl Hut

  • Haberl Hut Ski Daze (iv) April 11 – 16 , 2024    5* nights 6* days Accommodation  5* nights @ Haberl Hut with up to 6* days ski-touring on (easy / moderate to advanced) slopes in the vicinity of Jim Haberl Hut.  * (dependent upon prevailing snow and weather conditions at the time). Estimated Hut fees […]

  • 5 days at the illustrious Haberl Hut.  Ski touring and mountaineering trip.  Objectives could include Dion and Alpha, and others.  Lots of glacier to ski.  We sing and play instruments most every night and hope you’ll join in.  The reason for the opening is one our our posse ended their season at Rogers Pass last […]

  • Thanks for looking in but this trip is now full.  Long weekend trip to the fabulous Haberl Hut.   Need one person to fly in on Thursday August 31 and two people to fly in on Friday September 1.  We all fly out on Monday September 4. Objectives for the trip could be Serratus West Face […]

  • 4 Nights @ Haberl Hut with up to *5 days (Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs) ski-touring on (easy/moderate & advanced) slopes in vicinity of Haberl Hut (up to *5 days dependent upon prevailing weather conditions). Estimated Hut fees & incidentals $ 175.   This ski-touring event is for experienced, intermediate or better backcountry skiers who have AST 1 or equivalent […]

  • This is the annual Haberl Hut Easter Ski Trip. We have the option of flying in Thursday or Friday, same price!  Please let me know if you are a Thursday or Friday departee.   Ideally all 8 will leave Thursday.  The cost of the helicopter and schedule may be slightly different one day to the next. […]