Map and Compass Workshop (Practice Session)

July 9th 2022


Note: some people have let me know that the event registration is listed as full despite their still being spots available – if you want to come and aren’t able to register, please send me an e-mail.

This will be the practice component for a map and compass workshop, where we’ll go on a hike to practice reading contour lines, taking and plotting bearings, and triangulating our position on a regular basis.

The event presumes that you have attended the theory session on the prior Thursday evening. If you haven’t attended the Thursday session and want to come and already know some basics of maps and compasses (declination, bearings, UTM coordinates, etc.), send me a note.

We’ll be meeting in the parking lot up at Cypress Provincial Park in front of Black Mountain Lodge at 8:00am. I have set the end time for 4:00pm, but we’ll probably wrap up early to mid afternoon.

Required items:

  • compass
    • acceptable: baseplate compass – better: baseplate compass with adjustable declination – best: baseplate compass with adjustable declination and sighting mirror
    • your compass must have a baseplate (i.e., no compasses built into carabiners or circular compasses, etc.)
  • ¬†topographical map of the North Shore Mountains
    • I strongly recommend the Trail Ventures BC North Shore Trail Map, which you can buy at MEC or order directly from the publisher.
  • notebook and writing implement
  • suitable hiking gear
  • ten essentials
  • lunch

Note: preference will be given to ACC Basic Mountaineering graduates and others planning trips for the calendar.

Guest sign-up

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