Haberl Hut Ski Daze (iii) March 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

March 5th 2023


4 Nights @ Haberl Hut with up to *5 days (Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs) ski-touring on (easy/moderate & advanced) slopes in vicinity of Haberl Hut (up to *5 days dependent upon prevailing weather conditions).

Estimated Hut fees & incidentals $ 175.


This ski-touring event is for experienced, intermediate or better backcountry skiers who have AST 1 or equivalent experience. All participants required to bring avi kit (transceiver, probe & shovel) & crevasse rescue kit: (prusiks, 2 locking carabiners) and expected to be familiar with their deployment and use.  Parties venturing out on the slopes must consist of at least 3 people properly equipped, prepared for the terrain and leave a detailed trip plan in the hut before leaving.


Cooking & Meals

Participants are responsible for their own breakfast, lunch, snacks & libations.

To minimize congestion and demand on limited amenities in tight cooking quarters, for evening meals, participants will be organized into smaller number of cooking groups that will coordinate and share organization, purchase and preparation of their dinners.


This trip will be made up of a party of 10, we anticipate 2 flights in (“A-Star” on Sunday morning Meet @ Squamish Airport 7:30 am) and possibly 2 flights out on Thursday. Helicopter costs will be shared (est $300 per person return).


For those interested, carpooling may be arranged from a mutually convenient location such as Upper Levels highway & Taylor Way to the Squamish Airport.


Sign-ups invited to participate, will need to transfer $ 475 payment before being promoted to trip participant.  Excess of payments over trip costs will be refunded after trip bills paid.


Please review the Haberl Hut page on the ACC Vancouver website.  More information to follow.

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.