Beginner Plus – Location TBD

January 8th 2022


This trip is for those with little to no touring experience. Anyone can sign up but beginners are given preference. Split Boarders welcome.

Beginner Plus = with the Coquihalla closed and me not wanting to go to Pauls Ridge there are not many areas with easy approaches so good-to-better fitness is required.


The likely destinations are:

-Musical Bumps ($60 pass needed)

-Duffy Lake (Keith hut area, Joffre Shoulder, Chief Pascal)



-Good-to-better fitness for a full day out


-Ability to ski Black runs off piste in any conditions

-Ability to ski tight trees on firm snow (often needed for the end of the day to return to the cars)

-Good Company

-Chocolate for the leader


With Covid raging again be prepared to drive solo. You are welcome to carpool with others if you can arrange it. I will only have 1 or 2 close friends in my car.

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.