Vicar Lakes

June 14th 2015


In case you can’t make this trip on Saturday and
don’t have time for an overnight….There will be
a second ….
Day trip (SUNDAY) to Vicar Lakes….(in conjunction with) the Mt Bishop overnight trip whose participants will
spend Saturday night at Vicar Lakes before heading
down the Trail on Sunday…hopefully … after
climbing Mt Bishop
(11k cycle one way) through Lower Seymour
Demonstration forest to Seymour Dam.
Hike to Vicar Lakes (about 8 hour total time
return that is 2 hrs bike 2 hrs hike 2 hrs hike
down & 2 hours bike back to cars)
Via the North Shore Rescue
trail which runs up from the East side of the
Seymour Dam. This trail travels through an absolutely magnificant stand of Old Growth Giants knows as “the Generals” from there about a 2 hour hike
on to Vicar Lake,
Bishop Peak is flanked closely by Mount Dickens on
the North, with Elsay Lake and Mount Elsay to the
South. Beyond the trail this is rough backcountry
Another typical North Shore Trail, steep and
challenging but with lots of North Shore rescue
handlines! Follow the orange tapes uphill to
the Vicar Lake area, at 950m. There are ropes on
the more difficult sections. Once you reach the
lake go around it to the left and look for the
trail up Mt Bishop which begins there. The Indian
Arm Trail shares the route from the lakes upward,
but you leave the trail in the upper meadows to
gain Bishop’s main summit. Return whence you came

This is rugged wilderness territory, so be well
prepared, be fit and know your capabilities. Many
parties will want to make this an overnight trip,
camping is permitted within the boundaries of Mt
Seymour Provincial park

The trail itself is approximately 7 km return off
of the Seymour Valley Trailway. Return distance
from the start of the trailway is estimated at
32.6 km.

Vicar Lake is the halfway point, timewise, on this
trail to Mt Bishop from LSCR. There are Mmany
fixed-ropes and steep sections. It’s well-marked
with a surprisingly well-established trailbed. At
about 20 minutes into the trail, you come upon the
grove of old growth containing The General and The
General’s wife. Just seeing these two trees is
worth the effort to get there! This is a steep and
strenuous route, and getting to the trailhead
involves a 13km walk or bike ride (one-way) from
the Rice Lake Gate.

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