St Marks Summit Hike hosted by Fjallraven

September 9th 2017


Fjallraven Hosted Social Hike to St Marks

Some of our new friends at Fjallraven are hosting
a day hike, and they invited the ACC to join them
(to introduce the club). They let us pick the
destination also though, so I chose St Marks Summit!

After the hike we will bus to Postmark Brewing (a
partner of theirs), who are providing drinks, so
you can share your love of the mountains over a
beer or two at the very cool space that is the
Settlement Building in East Van.

This is a perfect opportunity to meet some new
people and pass along knowledge about some great
local destinations. I am looking for 4-5 people
who would be keen to join us on the hike, don’t
mind helping out some likely very keen but
inexperienced hikers and showing them the ropes so
to speak.

Participants must be over the age of 19 and
bring two pieces of gov’t issued ID. Persons are
responsible for their own transportation home so
please drink responsibly.

Guest sign-up

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