Garibaldi Lake Circumnavigation

July 30th 2022


We will navigate around Garibaldi lake starting and finishing from the same trailhead. Total trip stats: ~55km, +4300m

Please note this trip includes Tuesday August 2nd. Sign up Cut off is Thursday July 21. Pre trip meeting has been determined for the evening of Friday July 22.

As a group process we will decide the route we want to take, the approach, which peaks we want to bag along the way etc. This will be an ongoing process both before and during the trip. There is no trail or well established route for a portion of this trip so some route-finding will be required. We may decide to scramble some 3rd to 4th class peaks along the way. Depending on group size we may decide to split into two groups. (maximum total trip group 8 including organizers)

We will have a mandatory pre-trip meeting via zoom.

  • I will send out a Doodle to participants to find the best possible date and time but it may not be ideal for everyone. If you can’t make it you will be expected to send someone on your behalf or reach out to one of the organizers to review everything covered at the meeting.

Garibaldi Backcountry Wilderness permits are mandatory. We plan to camp at Taylor Meadows Monday August 1st so permits will be required for that night as well.

Some beta to read if you’re not familiar with the area:

Rough Itinerary: (open to feedback)

Day 1 (Saturday) – 6am start. Option to sleep in the car the night before.

Option 1: Cheakamus to Gentian-Fuscian Col via Helm Ridge

  • 8km
  • +1200 to +1300 all uphill. 
  • Option to bag Helm, Fuscian, and Corrie along the way

Option 2: Rubble Creek to Gentian-Fuscian Col via Panorama

  • 16.2km 
  • +1800m 
  • Summit Panorama
  • Option to bag Black tusk, Gentian along the way

Option 3: Rubble Creek to Gentian-Fuscian Col via Helm Glacier

  • 16.0km 
  • ​​+1610m
  • Option to bag Black tusk along the way

Day 2 (Sunday) Early start! Full day of Wilderness Travel! 

Option 1: Gentian-Fuscian Col to around the bookworms (high route)

  • 13km of glacier, alpine travel, could be as slow as 1km/hr
  • +1400m -1357m
  • Option to bag Castle Towers
  • Option to bag The Sphinx in the evening or next morning

Option 2: Gentian-Fuscian Col to around Guard-Deception col or the table(low route)

  • ~8 to 10km descent from high route to sentinel bay and back up
  • +800m -590m to +1000 -1000
  • Option to bag Deception peak
  • Option to stay at Burton or Sentinel huts if weather is bad

Day 3 (Monday) Last Wilderness day. Possible catch up from day before

Option 1: Around the bookworms to Taylor Meadows (high route)

  • More glacier travel in the morning
  • 15.5km
  • +766m -1358m
  • Option to bag Price and Clinker

Option 2: Guard-Deception col or the table to Taylor Meadows (low route)

  • 14km
  • ​​+1000m -1400m
  • Option to bag Price and Clinker

Day 4 (Tuesday) head home!

Option 1: Sleep in and easy decent to Rubble Creek

  • 7km
  • -930m 
  • Could head out to do black tusk too

Option 2: Wake up a bit earlier, head back to Cheakamus

  • 14.5km
  • +315m -974m
  • Option to bag Black Tusk along the way

Required gear:

  • Ice axe, crampons, helmet, harness, crevasse rescue kit, belay device.
  • Depending on group size we may need an additional rope
  • Tent and overnight gear.
  • 10 Essentials

Recommended items:

Required Experience:

  • Ability to hike the daily distance and elevation for each day
  • Scrambling and 3rd and 4th class terrain
  • Crevasse avoidance and rescue
  • Some route finding and wilderness travel experience.


  • 3 x $10 camping permits + reservation fees
  • Any hut fees if we decide to stay at a hut
  • ~$10-$20 in gas depending if you carpool or not
  • Any individual or group gear if we need to rent.

Guest sign-up

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