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UPDATE Jan 7, 2021 

Hi ACC Vancouver Section Members,

On behalf of the ACC Vancouver Section executive I am writing to bring you some updates.  


The PHO has extended the Health Directive, therefore: 

No Trips are to be posted to the calendar for the timeframe up to Feb 8, 2021.  Trips after Feb 8, 2021 can be posted but be expected for possible cancellation if the current PHO order is extended again.   Check back to the website for updates and follow announcements by our PHO. 



Avalanche Canada AST courses administered by ACMG guides have been permitted to run as was communicated by Avalanche Canada to the administrators of the courses.  They as well as other courses through guides are being run under an approved COVID-19 Comprehensive Safety Plan. 

For the ACC Vancouver Section Courses upcoming:   IBS and STGT, we were waiting to hear back from the PHO office with regards to running these courses under a very different outline taking into account guidelines they have approved for other groups administering educational courses for the interest of public safety.  The ACC Vancouver has submitted a COVID-19 Safety Plan to the PHO specifically for running our Courses and Skills.    NOTE: (This plan is NOT for trips and once trips resume there will be an update at that time once we understand any changes relayed by the PHO)

Communication with the PHO has continued but to date our request for adjudication of our application has not made it to the attention of the decision makers.   Our Director, Co-Director, Vice Chair and myself have moved our members signed up for IBS over to BlacksheepAdventures umbrella for the training they are seeking.  As we continue into the New Year we will continue to adjust with what is being presented to us. 


Vancouver Section Huts – Haberl and Tantalus huts are currently closed for their annual shutdown period.  The Tantalus Hut is not due to open until the usual June 1, 2021 opening.   No reservations for the Tantalus Hut are being taken at this time.  Check back to the website regarding reservations after Feb 8, 2021. 

The Haberl Hut would normally open on the usual date of March 1, 2021.  At this time the ACC Vancouver Section has this on hold and will not be taking any reservations until we hear of PHO recommendations on Jan 8, 2021.  Check back to the website regarding reservations after Feb 8, 2021. 


The ACC Vancouver will continue to try and deliver virtual Socials as can be organized.  We have been very fortunate to have had well attended Virtual Socials throughout the Fall.  Please check back to the website for any postings of socials that may be upcoming and read the newsletters sent out for updates. 



As there were not more than one person running for the Executive positions, all persons were acclaimed.  The Socials Director position was vacant but an interested member has come forward and has been appointed by the Vancouver Executive following the Section Bylaws.  This occured at the Executive meeting on Dec 9, 2020.  All Executive positions are filled.

ACC Vancouver Executive: 

Chair –                          Anna Milino                    

Vice Chair –                  Rob Szpak             

Secretary –                   Karen Jensen          

Treasurer –                   Jason Lamontagne     

Trips –                           Amber McMinn               

Mentoring –                   Michael McMinn     

Courses and Skills       Todd Powell 

Access/Environment    Jay MacArthur 

BMFFWT –                    Iwona Erskine-Kellie

Webmaster –                 Florian Geier      

Huts –                            Paul Geddes                 

Quartermaster –            Rob Janousek 

Communications –         Byron Cole   

Socials –                           Belinda Li

SHS – Spearhead Huts Society – Another important message to relay is that the  Whistler Section members voted unanimously against their Executives proposed removal of the ACC Whistler Section from the SHS at their Nov 30, 2020 AGM.  The Whistler Section remains part of the SHS.  The Vancouver Executive is very happy with this outcome. 


Informational Resources

Please keep checking back for further updates.  

Very best regards,

Anna Milino 

Anna Milino
Chair | ACC Vancouver