The Alpine Club of Canada

The Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver Section

Want to meet other backcountry enthusiasts? Our Section offers trips almost every weekend and many weekdays too. The trips are interspersed with backcountry courses for beginners through experts. Whether you are a hiker, backcountry skier, snowshoer, ice climber, rock climber or mountaineer, the ACC has an activity for you.

Joining the Alpine Club of Canada provides you with amazing opportunities for exploration and recreation, for learning and developing new skills, and for good companionship every day that you’re involved in the Club.

You do not need to have any previous experience in the outdoors in order to join the Club. Many people join the Club to learn how to climb or backcountry or just to spend more time in the mountains. New members who already have strong outdoor skills will find themselves in good company.

A significant player on the Canadian mountaineering stage since 1906, the Alpine Club of Canada provides an enormous range of benefits and services to its members, be they avid young sport climbers or weekend alpine warriors. The Vancouver Section provides local services to members such as free trips and low cost courses.  The section has monthly meetings where members and guests provide an entertaining presentation about local mountain activities or adventures in other countries.

 April Social   –   2014-04-22   –   van Dusen Gardens  (Floral Hall)

Award-winning filmmaker and author Dianne Whelan will give a presentation on her new book – Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest. In this personal and eye-opening exposé, Dianne shares gripping stories of Maoist rebels, avalanches and dead bodies surfacing out of a dying glacier. From her perspective at base camp Whelan interviews climbers, doctors and Sherpas all living for months on end in the belly of the mountain as they wait for a weather window to summit the top of the world. Woven into the personal stories of these climbers is the devastating truth of the human impact on the mountain and the eerie and unforeseen effects of climate change. 

This is our monthly meeting, where we have a short introduction to tell you what is new in the club, provide information on upcoming activities and then the main presentation. 

MEC Members Discount Night   -   2014-05-13   –   Sign Up Here

SPOT and Delorme InReach *New*

We now have one SPOT and one Delorme InReach satellite messaging devices available for rent by members. Go to the gear rental page for details.