Owl Tenquille Traverse

April 25th 2024


This trip can be done over 4 or 5 days. 5 days is a more relaxed pace and will allow time for additional skiing and peak-bagging.

I booked this as a 6 day trip. However, we will choose the best 4 or 5 day window.


  • Glacier travel is not required
  • There is significant overhead hazard on this trip
  • If conditions are not suitable for this trip then another 3 or 4 day trip will be substituted, such as the Spearhead Traverse or Garibaldi Neve (both of which require glacier travel), or a basecamp trip
  • Ideally we should be able to drive to 1200m on the Hurley and 800m on the Owl FSR
  • Due to the car shuttle, we will need 2 cars per 4 people
  • The trip plan below is based on S to N travel. Depending on conditions, N to S travel may be preferred.

Required Snow and Weather Conditions:

  • Mostly clear weather; overcast is ideal
  • The weather on Day 1 can be cloudy with a low ceiling as all travel is below treeline
  • Alpine avalanche danger rating of Moderate or lower on all days except for Day 1 which can be considerable
  • PWL is dormant or no longer a problem


  • AST1 equivalent or better
  • Strong downhill riding skills with a 40 to 50lb pack in any conditions
  • Fitness for 50km, 3,500m over 4 or 5 days
  • Good attitude


  • Prior traverse experience
  • Prior winter camping experience

Required Gear:

  • Touring gear
  • Overnight gear
  • Ski crampons
  • Layers

4-Day Trip Plan:

  • Day 1 (10km, 800vm):
    • Meet in Pemberton by 8am
    • Leave car on the Hurley, drive to Owl Creek FSR
    • Ski to a camp near the Fowl Lakes
  • Day 2 (12km, 1,000vm)
    • Ski to a camp near Ogre lake
    • Optional Ascent of Mt Ronayne
  • Day 3 (13km, 900vm):
    • Ski to a camp near Tenquille Lake
    • Optional ascent of Mt Barbour
  • Day 4 (12km, 900vm):
    • The preferred exit is via the East side of Finch Ridge and north side of Goat Peak to Railroad pass
    • An alternate exit is via the Branch 12 trail on the south side of Goat Peak. This is the same distance but about 600vm less elevation.

A five-day trip plan will cover the same distance but with an additional camp

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