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General Information

For the time frame of March 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 the new COVID19 guideline will be in place. Please refer to the website.

Please fill out the form in its entirety otherwise the request will be discarded.

Hut Cancellation Policy

There will be no partial refund if your party size decreases. It is up to the person making the booking to refill the spot and notify us at [email protected]

Professional Guides: Please advise your clients of this policy and advise them of Trip Cancellation Insurance options.

  • No cancellation/refund (weather is not a consideration) – only move as previously described under the Updates/Guidelines areas of both huts, to another open spot during March 1, 2022 through May 30, 2022 for the winter/spring bookings and June 1 through September 30, 2022 for the summer bookings, but not guaranteed as the number of available booking spots is limited.
  • NO carry forward of any missed bookings/cancelled bookings – no exceptions other than what is outlined above

Booking Policy understandings

Users will need to be aware of and accept these to be able to book the Huts:

  • I have read and understand the ACC Vancouver Section Huts Use and Booking Guidelines Policy.
  • I understand the Tantalus mountain range is extremely complex in nature. Navigating the terrain is very demanding and requires a strong group with extensive backcountry experience and impeccable decision making. There are large expanses of steep, open terrain, multiple overlapping avalanche paths, and minimal options to reduce exposure. Unless you’re absolutely confident in the skills of your group, please consider hiring a professional guide
  • I understand that the route from Tantalus Hut to Haberl Hut is not accessible by a summer trail and involves travel over glaciated and other hazardous terrain.
  • I understand the people using the boats at Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water will use the provided life jackets and for children please take in your own life jackets and if no life jackets are available people will not use the boats.
  • I understand the outflow creek adjacent to the Tantalus Hut is deep and fast flowing and adults should closely monitor children.
  • I understand the area around the Tantalus and Haberl Huts is rugged and not suitable for children.
  • I understand that I and all of my group are responsible for removing all of our garbage.
  • I understand that dogs (or other pets) are not allowed in the Huts.
  • I understand  that I have fully read the Hut Use and Booking guidelines document for important information relevant to my stay and the upkeep of the Huts and that I have ensured the people in my booking have read them also.
  • I understand the risks involved with backcountry travel, and realize that navigation to and from the Tantalus and Haberl Huts, as well as proper safety management for this trip, is my responsibility.
  • I understand that ensuring potable drinking water is my responsibility
  • I understand after March 1st until the end of ski season, Wag bags or another method of Human waste removal at the Haberl Hut maybe required to be taken in as a backup should the outhouse be buried by snow or otherwise not accessible.  All waste to be flown out along with all your garbage upon departure.  (Wag bags can be purchased at MEC or other outdoor stores)
  • I understand the ACC Vancouver Section at any time may changes any aspect of this document (including the cancellation policy or huts rates).  It is up to the user to familiarize themselves with it and review it frequently for any changes.
  • I understand mine and my groups cell numbers and emails are required for booking and will be given to search and rescue/emergency services or to COVID tracking services should I or someone in my group or on our behalf initiates a search or one of us becomes ill with COVID.

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