Monday Night Training Club

November 1st 2021


Join us at Climb Base 5 (North Vancouver) to train for rock climbing.  We will  be doing a mix of hangboard sessions, Campus board training, HIIT Strips, 4x4s and (light)weight training for injury prevention.  We will likely not be rock climbing, but you are more than welcome to partner up with other participants to climb as well as/instead of doing our training program if you prefer.

We recommend purchasing a punch card for the gym  so you don’t have to pre-book a time slot.  If you do not have a gym membership or a punch pass you will need to pre-book a drop-in time slot on the CB5 website ahead of time. The time slots are for 2hrs  and start at 6pm or 8pm.

We will start warming up at 7pm and start training about 15-20 min later for approximately 2 hrs.

Guest sign-up

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