Misty Icefield Traverse

April 10th 2022


An 8 day, 80km traverse through the most remote part of Garibaldi Park which is seldom visited. This will be an amazing trip!

I would like to climb and ski several of the peaks on the traverse including a day trip to Mount Pitt (likely on Day 3)

My schedule is pretty flexible and I may be able to change the dates to later in April or even May. Sign up and we can discuss. Planning for early to mid April allows more time to postpone if the weather is not suitable.


The following are minimum requirements – Please describe this when you sign up or send an email to me:

-Ability to ski Black runs off-piste with a heavy multi-day pack


-Intermediate touring experience (ask if unsure)

-Glacier travel training (a practice day before is ideal)

-Excellent fitness for 8 consecutive days

-Traverse experience

-Winter/ snow camping experience

-Good attitude

-We have skied together before to assess some of the above



-The weather forecast must be mostly clear for this trip to proceed. Ideally one or more melt-freeze cycles will have occured as well.

-If the weather is not suitable for 8 days then a shorter trip may be substituted (Exodus, Snowspider-Lizzie etc)

-The car shuttle is complex and still need to be arranged. Ideally we would pay someone to drive the group to the trailhead.

-There are non-negligible costs for the trip – transport to the trailhead, a water taxi on Pitt Lake, and transport from Pitt Lake to Vancouver – budget approx $400pp


HIgh-Level Trip Plan:

Day 1: Leave Vancouver and drive to the trailhead (4 hours) hike and skin to a camp between the Lone Knoll and Bluemantle Peak.

Day 2: Travel to a camp on Snow Cap Lake

Day 3: Summit Pitt (alt this can be a weather day)

Day 4: Snowcap Lake to Stave Peak. Possible summits of Icecap Peak, Stave Peak, Misty Peak

Day 5: Stave Peak to Corbold Peak or Pukulkul Lake. Possible summits of Katzie Mtn and Corbold Peak

Day 6: Corbold Peak/ Pukulkul Lake to Piluk Peak (Possible summits of Old Pierre, Piluk, Remote Peaks

Day 7: Descend to the Fishing Camp at Alvin

Day 8: Water taxi across Pitt Lake

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