Map and Compass Workshop (Theory Session)

July 7th 2022


Note: some people have let me know that the event registration is listed as full despite their still being spots available – if you want to come and aren’t able to register, please send me an e-mail.

This evening event will be a theory component for a map and compass workshop.

The first half of the evening will involve going over topics such as the basic parts of maps and compasses, reading contour lines, taking/plotting bearings, triangulation, and tips for good navigational reasoning. For the second half of the evening, we’ll walk over to a nearby park and practice some basic skills.

The event presumes no prior knowledge of maps and compasses.

Required items:

  • compass
    • acceptable: baseplate compass – better: baseplate compass with adjustable declination – best: baseplate compass with adjustable declination and sighting mirror
    • your compass must have a baseplate (i.e., no compasses built into carabiners or circular compasses, etc.)
  • ¬†topographical map
    • I strongly recommend the Trail Ventures BC North Shore Trail Map, which you can buy at MEC or order directly from the publisher.
  • notebook and writing implement

Note: preference will be given to ACC Basic Mountaineering graduates and others planning trips for the calendar.

Guest sign-up

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