Intro to Trad Climbing – STUDENT SIGN UP

May 11th 2024


Traditional (trad) climbing is the ultimate adventure in rock climbing: you are no longer confined to routes with pre-placed bolts and anchors as in sport climbs or even top-rope climbs or in the gym. This adds an extra dimension to the climbing experience: more freedom, more fun!

This two-day course introduces participants to lead climbing using gear for protection. The emphasis is on placing gear (camming devices, nuts, etc.) and evaluating placements. Participants will have the opportunity to practice gear placements on mock leads and have their placements evaluated by the instructors and other members of the group.


  •   Practice and evaluate gear placements.
  •   Racks and racking.
  •   Clipping techniques.
  •   Avoiding rope drag.
  •   Impact forces and fall factors.
  •   Gear anchors.
  •   Mock leads and (if progress permits) real leads


  •   Top-rope climbing experience: belaying and anchor building
  •   Minimum required climbing skills: 5.9 (5.10a indoors); of particular importance are crack climbing skills.
  •   Rappelling experience
  •   Knots: Clove hitch, Munter hitch, Figure 8, Prussik,

Selection Criteria

If within the first week after the event was posted to the calendar more than 9 qualified members sign up for the event, applicants are selected by the number of events of the ACC Vancouver Section they have attended in the past or how much they have volunteered. Otherwise selection is by order of signup.

Cost: $90.00

Once selected, you will be notified and directed on how to make your e transfer payment to our [email protected] and what passcode to use. Payment will be due within 72 hrs otherwise the next person on the list will be contacted. Once payment is received you will be moved from the waitlist to the confirmed list.  

DO NOT make any payments until directed to do so.

Cancellation policy

There are no refunds. If you have to cancel out, with the help of the leader, an alternate person who meets the prerequisites from the waiting list (if there is one) can be contacted. Transfer of payment is to be made directly between the two participants

Community Contribution

A dozen or more willing volunteers put in a thousand or more hours a year to make these courses happen, all of which include top-quality instruction at incredible value for money. We’ll literally share everything we know about staying safe in the mountains with you, because we want you to experience nature as we do.

That said, participation is a two way street, and if you’re going to take a course, we ask that you start thinking about ways to contribute back to the community also. Remember, we’re an entirely volunteer based community and this only works if everyone contributes!

Please consider becoming a trip-coordinator and hosting a trip (even just a simple hiking trip) when signing up for this course! You will be contacted by our Trip Director to prompt you to get a trip posted.

Guest sign-up

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