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May 30th 2021


Due to some limitations with regards to COVID, BlackSheep Adventure Sports and the Vancouver Section of the Alpine Club of Canada have teamed up to offer a series of courses and clinics designed to get members ready to participate on club trips and allow people to get out and enjoy the rock this summer. We can’t let COVID ruin another climbing season and want to make sure that you all can sign- up for trips once they are offered again! So, with that in mind these heavily discounted courses are available to members only and in limited numbers.

While there are covid travel restrictions we will still be offering the courses to anyone within the Frasier or Coastal Health regions.

The courses being offered include:

  • Top Rope Anchors May 8
  • Intro to Sport Climbing May 15
  • Intro to Trad Climbing May 16
  • Intro to Rock Climbing May 29 or 30
  • Rock Rescue May 29

Top Rope Anchors:

The ability to set up safe anchors for top roping is one of the most basic skills any outdoor rock climber must have. It’s a skill that must be mastered before progressing to more advanced topics such as lead climbing, trad climbing, etc. This one- day course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to build different types of anchors in a safe manner. Participants will also learn how to rappel and, if time allows, learn to belay from above.

Intro to Sport Climbing:

The Introduction to Sport Climbing course focuses on giving you the skills and knowledge required to safely lead various routes in the outdoors, away from the safety nets provided in the gym environment. And lead climbing is really the gateway to a lot of amazing climbing from fun sport routes to multi-pitch climbing, long trad routes and even big walls.

The course will cover a wide variety of topics including: Climbing equipment, lead belaying, clipping bolts & back-clipping, rope management, building anchors, cleaning anchors, reading topos, route planning and much, much more. Taught by ACMG certified guides, this course will give you a strong foundation in outdoor leading and allow you to safely get outdoors this summer.

Intro to Trad Climbing

Trad climbing is a step up in both complexity and consequence from sport climbing, but it’s also exceptionally rewarding and liberating. Taught by ACMG certified guides, this course focuses on giving you a strong foundation in trad climbing to allow you to really get the most of out the amazing rock we have here in Squamish and fast track your progression into areas like the Bugaboos and beyond.

We will cover everything from nuts and cam placements to trad anchor building and strategies for racking and planning a climb. Designed for climbers that want to safely develop their climbing skills and push past the boundaries of bolts. Join us this summer and make the most out of the climbing options in the Sea-to-Sky.

Intro to Rock Climbing:

On our 1-Day Intro to Rock Climbing course, beginner climbers will learn and practice a variety of climbing techniques, belay systems, rope management and much more. All the skills necessary to prepare you for a lifetime of climbing outdoors! Of course we will also spend a bunch of time climbing.

This course is also a prerequisite for the ACCV Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) that will be offered in June/July timeframe.

Rock Rescue:

The Rock Rescue Clinic is ideal for anyone that’s climbing more than a single pitch. Why a single pitch you ask? Basically because you can’t just lower your climbing partner to the ground when something goes wrong. Could you deal with the technical aspects of rescuing your climbing partner on a multi-pitch rock or alpine climb? Say they fell when leading a traverse and are now hanging on the end of the rope and not responding to your shouts? How about something a bit simpler, you just need to raise your buddy that slipped pulling a roof and can’t get back on the climb? Despite good intentions there are always things that can go wrong when on the wall or in the alpine and there’s nothing worse than that sense of helplessness you get when you don’t know what to do or how to help.

For more details and sign up, copy and paste into your browser climbing-courses then use the password SquamishRocks

Leaders: Monte Johnson, ACMG Guides

Course Length: 1 day for each course

Cost: $99.00 – $139.00 depending on the course (ACC Vancouver Members only) Request for payment by Visa or e-transfer will be sent to you after signing up.

Student/Instructor Ratio: 6:1 or 8:1 depending on course

Course Dates: Running May 8 – May 30, see details and sign up through the above link:

Location: Squamish, BC

Note: Because of COVID-19 there will be some additional requirements including wearing face masks when you cannot physically distance, etc.

Note: No refunds. A participant needing to drop out will have the ability to draw upon approved people from a waiting list should it exist. Exchange of Payment to take place directly between the two people. No credit to carrying forward is permitted.

Contact Monte Johnson for any inquiries.

Monte Johnston
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide & Editor in Chief

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