Crevasse Rescue Training

January 8th 2023


This course is more expansive than the 2 hour indoor sessions held in December at the Hive. Please allow for a full day (7 to 8 hours).


The planned location is Dinky Peak, adjacent the the Mt Seymour parking lot. We will need either BC Parks parking passes (available 2 days before the day of the course) or we will pay for Mt Seymour Resort snowshoe passes ($17 pp) to guarantee that we have access to parking. We will meet at a nearby coffee shop before 7:30am to sign waivers and arrange a carpool to Mt Seymour. HollyBurn is an alternate location.


This course will be cancelled or rescheduled if the weather is not suitable for 7 to 8 hours outside.


** The only guests allowed are VOC Members **




-Adequate fitness for a full day outside (we will not travel far)

-Prior indoor training is helpful but not required

-Knowledge of the knots listed below



-Tying-in and travel advice

-Snow Anchors (T-slot, X, I)

-Haul systems (2:1, 3:1, 5:1)

-Ascending a rope


Please practice the following knots before the session:

Figure 8 follow through:

Overhand on a bight:

Figure 8 on a bight:

Prussic knot:


Required Equipment:

-Touring gear (skis or board, skins, poles, boots) or snowshoes


-Avi Gear (probe, shovel, beacon)

-Layers for all weather (cold, snow)

-Food and water

-Crevasse rescue gear (1 each: harness, short prussic, 5-6m prussic, 120cm sling; 4x locking biners; 3 non-locking biners)


Recommended Gear:

-Chocolate for the leader!!



-Micro Traxion (or similar)

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.