Crevasse Rescue Dry Training

December 5th 2022


The session will start promptly at 7pm in the Tech Lab


Cost: $5 for ACC and VOC members and $10 for non-members


This crevasse rescue dry training session is intended to cover the basics of:

-Recommended gear including traditional methods vs modern mechanical devices

-Tying in

-Haul systems

-Ascending ropes (theory only as the Hive does not have any ropes)

-Snow anchors

-Glacier travel advice


All skill levels are welcome.


Please practice the following knots before the session. I will review this, but we will not spend much time on them:

Figure 8 follow through:

Overhand on a bight:

Figure 8 on a bight:

Prussic knot:



Required equipment:

-Climbing harness

-3 locking biners

-3 non-locking biners

-1 120cm sling

-1 short prussic cord (5mm ~1.5m; or hollow block)

-1 long prussic cord (5mm, 6m)

-1 pulley (optional)


Additional recommended equipment (much or the instruction on rope systems will focus on how to use these devices):

-Petzl Micro Traxion (or similar progress capture pulley)

-Petzl Tibloc


I have extra biners, pulleys and some cord which I will bring.


The $5 fee is to help cover the cost of renting the room and will be collected by the instructor.

Guest sign-up

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