Avalanche Canada Webinar Series – New Avalanche Forecast Map and Tools

November 23rd 2022


Avalanche Canada hosts webinars every Fall to get outdoor enthusiasts prepared for the upcoming Winter season. This year’s webinars are now posted and open for (free) registration.


You must register on Avalanche Canada’s website to attend.¬†Signing up on the ACC calendar will not give you access!!

Registration details can be found here:


The topic of this week’s webinar is related to the new avalanche forecasting map and tools available on Avalanche Canada’s website. The following is an excerpt from Avalanche Canada’s website:

Wed. Nov. 23: Avalanche Canada’s new map and new tools. Does the AvCan home page map look a little different to you? It is, but it is an improved product which will bring more detail and specificity to your backcountry adventures. Join our forecaster to learn the practical tips on integrating this resource into your daily trip planning. We’ll update you on all the new tools and resources that can be found at avalanche.ca.

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