ACC Top Rope Anchor Building & Rappelling Course *INSTRUCTOR* Callout

April 13th 2024


The weather is changing and people are getting excited for the outdoor rock climbing 😁

We are looking for instructors for the Top Rope Anchor Building & Rappelling Course on April 13-14 2024

Feel free to signup, if you are willing to teach club members the following skills:

Setting up safe anchors for top roping is one of the most basic skills any rock climber must be familiar with. In fact, competence in top rope anchor building is a prerequisite that must be mastered before progressing to more advanced skills (lead climbing, for example). If you are unable to build a secure top rope anchor and/or evaluate the safety of an anchor, moving on to more advanced skills safely is not an option.

This two-day course is intended to teach club members how to build anchors for top roping. The objective is to give participants a chance to learn how to build different types of anchors and to practice what they learn in a controlled setting. Evaluation of anchors with respect to security criteria is an important part of the course. Additionally, participants will learn how to rappel using a personal prusik for backup. Techniques for belaying a partner from above will also be covered.

The event will take place in the Smoke Bluffs, 8am to 4pm, both Saturday and Sunday. Expenses will be covered. Carpool will be organized separately.

Thank you!

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