Website Building w/Fancy Donuts & Tea

February 4th 2017


Ever tried to find anything on the website? Ever thought, “If It
were on me, I’d likely do things differently”? Well now is your

A few of us will be getting together this Saturday at Parallel 49 to
revamp /
remove / change and otherwise bang out some
new website content, or put aptly: better communicate to
the world, what the rest of us already know.

We do some pretty amazing things as a collective, and
provide a myriad
of pretty cool opportunities, and not many people (often
including our
members) know about them. Our section also has some of the
nicest, most
grounded, and experienced/safe backcountry users on the west
coast, and it’s
time we let people know what were all about.

If your willing to help, we could absolutely use the support – the
more brain power, laptops, and people, (especially those with
communication skills), the better! Donuts, tea and eternal
gratitude on from the club and it’s leadership team, and we’ll
likely go next
door afterwards to 49th Parallel for a celebratory beer.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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