Trail running: Tour de Capilano

January 10th 2015


Let’s get your endurance up! What better way to do
this than to run! Let’s hit up some trails, shall we?

The route:

“Tour de Capilano” is a non-technical circuit
following the full length of the Capilano Pacific trail. If
you own the
Vancouver Trail Running book by Rich
, you can find info on this
route on
pages 106 and

We’ll run roughly 10km of the route, but we can
choose to cut or add mileage depending on how we
all feel.

For those without the book, the route can be viewed
here: Capilano Pacific

(*again, we are only running roughly 10km
of this route)

Run time:

We’ll aim for running the trail in 1.5 hours. Depending
on the fitness level of participants, we will go slower
or faster.

Meeting place and start time:

8:30AM meet time

Go to 120 Keith Rd. — just
under the Highway 1 bridge where Keith Rd. meets
the Capilano Pacific trail.


Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.