Tantalizing Tantalus – Climbing Camp

July 1st 2014


The Vancouver Section is hosting a summer
climbing camp to the Tantalus Range, open to ACC
members and guests with intermediate to advanced
mountaineering skills.

Our base will be at ACC’s Jim Haberl hut , at (2073m/6800′)
elevation in the Serratus-Dione Col, located just
northwest of Squamish, BC and about a 6-hour hike
above Lake Lovely Water (1160m).

We’ll be catered by Theresa Calow. Theresa
catered last year’s highly successful Lake O’hare
camp. She has extensive experience delivering
delicious meals that provide an abundance of
sustenance to keep even the most ravenous
mountaineer licking their lips!

To maximize climbing opportunities, the hut
will be accessed by helicopter (fly in+out) with
, out of the Squamish airport.
Departure July @ 8am. Return Sunday July 6.

This is an unguided camp so everyone is
expected to contribute to planning and managing
the climbs and camp.

The Tantalus climbing camp is a great
opportunity to explore the spectacular granite
peaks of the coast range The terrain around the
hut is dramatic, full of jagged ridges, tumbling
glaciers yielding mixed snow and rock routes of
various grades on peaks.

Mount Tantalus

Mount Dione

Mountain (2321m)

Location: 49:49:05-123:19:45

Location: 49:48:57-123:19:45

Location: 49:47:34-123:18:07

Tantalus is a Greek
mythological figure, made to stand in a pool of
water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with
the fruit ever eluding his grasp, and the water
always receding before he could take a drink.

Want a worthy mountaineering objective?
Look no further! Tackle witch’s tooth and down
climb chimney-gully. All in all, a full day of
adventure on the SE Spur! If that’s not
tantalizing enough, try your hand at the Kay-
Mannix or the west face.

DIONE was the Titan
goddess of the oracle of Dodona in Thesprotia, and
the mother of Aphrodite by Zeus. Her name is
simply the feminine form of Zeus (Dios).

The mountain is only a hair’s breath
away from Tantalus, located immediately south and
less than 1/3 km away. Taken from the southeast
divide (its easiest route), it is a class 3 rock

Serratus Mountain,
with its jagged ridges, is squeezed between Mount
Tantalus to the north and Lake Lovely Water.

It is at close proximity to the Haberl
hut. Due to its poor rock, the most popular routes
are on the north and west faces that range between
PD and AD, with ice and/or 4th class climbing.

To register: Please sign up on iCal and
provide your climbing experience, along with your
objectives and gear. Your registration will be
confirmed after your climbing experience vetted
and upon receipt of $678 , payable by June 1st

Please feel free to contact either of
organizers with any question you may have.

Guest sign-up

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