Smash and Grab: Making the most of three weeks of vacation a year

October 23rd 2012


Chances are you’ve an alpine climb wish list. You’ve conspired to some day repeat some of the classic routes of the greater ranges… maybe the Infinite Spur, or the Moonflower, or the Waddington Traverse… the possibilities seem almost endless.

So how are you doing on that list? Making progress? Or have you found that you now also have a list of reasons why you haven’t made any progress on your wish list? Maybe you only get three weeks of vacation a year… maybe it’s mortgage payments… or you might have a family and children. Some days just getting to Squamish feels like a full blown expedition!

Faced with “real world” responsibilities but unwilling to completely throw away their alpine wish list; Dave Burdick and John Frieh changed the way they prepare, plan and execute alpine climbs in Alaska. Since 2009 they have added one first ascent per year in either the Coast Mountains or the Alaska Mountain Range. They will talk about making the jump from local smash and grab style climbing to applying the same approach in the great ranges while discussing recent first ascents in Alaska on the Burkett Needle off the Stikine Ice Cap and Mt Dickey in the Ruth Gorge.

Don’t miss out on this awesome presentation!

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