Ski Touring and Glacier Travel Skills

February 26th 2016



The purpose of this training is to prepare ACC
members with intermediate skiing and
mountaineering experience,
as well as
aspiring winter event
coordinators, with the knowledge, skills and
confidence to
participate, assist, or lead backcountry ski trips.

And all of this
safely and enjoyably.

– Weekend 1 (Coquihalla) Friday Feb 17th
from 7pm to 10pm, Saturday Feb 18th and
Sunday Feb 19th all day:
Ski touring skills,
focused on leading ski trips.
Topic covered: organization of a trip,
leadership, navigation, pacing, track setting,
avalanche rescue.
We will meet Friday at 7pm at the
Slumber Lodge Motel, Hope
The program will start that night with a classroom
session. Saturday will be a long day outside,
followed by a second classroom session. After
another full day in the snow we will return to
Vancouver at the end of the day Sunday.

– Wednesday night Feb. 22: Crevasse
rescue dry school at BCIT.
6pm – 10pm.
Topic covered: Rope ascent and
raising systems (drop loop and 3/1).

– Weekend 2 (Whistler backcountry) Feb. 25/26: Ski mountaineering skills.
Topic covered: transitions, rope
management and roping in, crevasse rescue.
We will meet at St. David’s United Church
on Taylor way Saturday morning early (time to be
determined), and carpool to Whistler. We will be
camping Saturday night in the Whistler
backcountry, and return to Vancouver at the end
of the day Sunday.

– Downhill skiing: be able to safely ski
black diamond runs in any conditions with heavy
– Ski touring experience: at least 10
backcountry ski days, in varying terrain and
– Winter camping experience: at least 1
overnight winter camping trip
– Mountaineering experience: experience
in mountaineering (glacier travel, rope
– Avalanche Training: AST 1 or
– Crevasse rescue: recent crevasse
rescue training / practice

Participants will be asked to fill in an online
form describing their experience once they
register for this event.

Participants are required to purchase and read
the book “Backcountry Skiing Skills for Ski
Touring and Ski Mountaineering”
Authors: Martin Volken, Scott Schell, Margaret
ISBN 978-1-59485-038-7
Mountaineers Books 11/27/2007

Available at MEC here.

Once accepted on the course, participant will
receive payment instructions.

Please contact Martin Siegert if you have any question.

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