Rogers Pass / Asulkan Hut Ski Camp

April 14th 2013


Rogers Pass / Asulkan Hut Ski Camp

Self-catered self-guided group dinners, self lunch & breakfast. Open to section members with intermediate ski experience & abilities, must be fit, have avi gear & know how to use it.

Cost est $400 add $50 for non-member. Includes hut & backcountry passes & allowance for food, travel costs & share of Park Pass

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Still a few spaces left….Contact Rob Brusse at 604-732-7730 or by email at [email protected]
for details

Camp Costs

Hut & Backcountry Passes….Payable to ACC Vancouver Section…$220
Other Costs
Breakfast & Lunch 6 meals of each raid your fridge $30
Dinner team of 2 buy & prepare 1 meal ea allow about $8 per eater $35
Estimate can range widely for carfare $80
Park Pass
Estimate can range widely support to purchaser $35
Total for Facilities $220 &.Other Costs $180=$400

National Park Pass needed for Wheeler hut parking area

General Plan

Apr 14 Drive to Rogers Pass……Overnight Wheeler hut…..$30
Apr 15 Ski Asulkan / Youngs…… Overnight Asulkan Hut… ..$40 includes $10 back country pass
Apr 16 Ski Sapphire Col area….. Overnight Asulkan Hut……$40
Apr 17 Ski Jupiter Area…………… Overnight Asulkan Hut……$40
Apr 18 Ski Asulkan Ridge………… Overnight Asulkan Hut……$40
Apr 19 Descend to Wheeler….…Overnight Wheeler Hut…..$30
Apr 20 Drive home

Food Costs & Arrangements
Each member is responsible for their own breakfast, lunch, refreshments & snacks. Reckon $5 per day = about $30
2 individuals together responsible for purchase, prep & cleanup for1 dinner for entire group
Means only a single night cook duty per person
Suggest meal budget of $8 per person so 8X12/2 = about additional $35 per person

Travel Costs & Arrangements
Travel by carpool where possible sharing costs between driver & passengers on mutually agreed basis….(see section carpooling guidelines .25 per k for reference)
(my car gets to Kamloops on a tank = about $55 and back to Kamloops on another… about $160 / 2 or so = $80

Parks Pass & Arrangements
For those who do not have a Park Pass it would be advisable to purchase one at the Glacier Park Visitor centre
A single occupant 1 year pass may be most economical option
Passengers might consider offering drivers an amount in lieu of Park Parking Pass say about $20 -$25…..

Guest sign-up

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