Rappel skills practice

June 21st 2017


This is an *informal practice session,* not a course. I’d like
to get
together and practice some rappelling
techniques. I’m giving registration priority to people who
have just
taken the intro to rock, top-rope
anchors, and basic mountaineering course this year and
want to cement
their new skills with some group

Basic stuff to practice:

  • setting up a rappel anchor
  • setting up a prusik backup
  • rapping down

For people who are comfortable with the basics, we can try
out some next-level stuff:

  • multipitch rappels
  • building and assessing tree anchors for multipitch
    in Squamish
  • how to climb back up the rope if you go down past the

Previous rappelling instruction or practice.

Review before the session:

  • anchor building
  • rappel technique
  • prusik knot
  • If you want to practice climbing the rappel rope, review
    rope climbing technique.
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