Photography 101 by Chris Barton

October 5th 2014


On quite a few ACC trips (and after my ACC photo presentations) I have been asked about teaching
skills. With the Vancouver ACC Exec’s support I am now launching an ‘Intro to Photography’
course. This
is being offered at HALF PRICE to ACC members. The weather forecast looks good and a great easy
to reach
wilderness location is Iona Beach, near the airport.
FOR THOSE WITHOUT TRANSPORT, there will be a pick up at Templeton Station on the Canada Line at

Some of my images from this location (and many other Sea to Sky locations) can be viewed here:

The subjects which will be covered include:
– camera equipment to carry
– how to care for your camera / check before
– holding the camera / posture / breathing
– advantages of SLRs over compacts
– RAW or JPG?
– camera modes and what they mean: P / Tv / Av
/ M / B / C / portrait / landscape / sport /
– prime lenses verses zoom lenses
– differences between wide angles and
– basics of composition
– basics of focus and depth of field
– where to place the sun
– time of day
– weather and light

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.