News Years Ski Touring at Mount Baker

December 31st 2019


New Years ski touring trip with 5 nights
accommodation at a cabin in Glacier, near Mount Baker. Arriving on Dec 31st and leaving Jan 5th.

Day trips will be organized to the nearby Mount Baker resort backcountry.

**One couple will likely have a 2 year old infant at the cabin for some of the period. The toddler will not be with the group when entering avalanche terrain.**

Preference will be given to those who can stay for the entire trip, or at least are willing to pay for all 5 nights. Splits are possible but are given last priority due to the extra work of organizing.

The cost of $265 is for accommodation only; your food and transport are extra. Your place is not guaranteed until you pay.

I am willing to increase the group to 7 people. This means that the 7th person will need to share a bed or sleep on the floor or a couch. This may work best for another couple. A 7th person will lower the cost to $226 pp.

For similar trips shared meals and cooking worked out really well, but this is not a requirement.

All participants must have completed AST1 or have equivalent experience, be able to ride BLACK runs under any conditions, have prior experience touring with “intermediate” or better skills, good enough fitness for repeated days of touring. Split boards OK; no snowshoers.

All participants will be screened; being first on the list does not guarantee a spot. Please send an email to me describing: 1) your experience, 2) if you have a winter-ready vehicle and can drive, 3) general fitness.

Happy New Years!!

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