Navigation Workshop: Theory Weekend

July 13th 2019


Note: this is the first part of 2 (Part 2). Please sign up for all 3, unless you can only make it to one. Those who sign up for all 2 will get priority.

What is this for?: I’ve meet plenty of people who would make great trip leaders/organizers, but they lack the training and confidence to find their way around in the backcountry. The goal of this workshop is to give prospective trip organizers the tools they need to plan trips and execute them safely in the backcountry.


  • Saturday (Gardner Park): Theory, route planning & maps
  • Sunday (Highstreet Carpool Lot → Ledgeview): practice

Course Materials: You can view/download them from Docdroid. I’ll print out 1 copy, but if you want to have your own copy, please print it yourself.

What’s not included: Avalanche training & winter backcountry navigation aren’t covered. Take AST1 and/or the avalanche training workshop overed by the section. Also, rock/rescue & glacier rescue skills aren’t covered.

Screening: There’s not a lot of room (I wanted to keep things small because it’s hard to keep track of a lot of people). Registrants will stay on the waitlist till May 14, after that I’ll select people based primarily on active club paricipation; if there’s still room after that, it’s first-come/first-serve. Note: if you have a high clearance 4-wheel-drive that you can use on July 19-21, please email me, along with how many people you can fit in it (including driver). We’ll probably need at least two that weekend.


Paricipants should have taken the basic mountaineering course or the equivilant.

Jay MacArthur (I think) does some sort of trip organizing workshop every now and then. Going to that is recommended, but not necessary.

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.