Navigation Workshop: Alpine Weekend

July 19th 2019


Note: this is the second part of 2 (Part 1). Please sign up for all 2, unless you can only make it to one. Those who sign up for all 2 will get priority.

Goal: The goal of this weekend is to get participants comfortable with being largely self-reliant, and to give them practice with planning and decision making. While the instructors will be around, our primary function—like the old Greek gods—is to amuse ourselves with your suffering. We’ll also make sure everyone stays safe.

We’ll be based out of the Brian Waddington Memorial Hut. When we’re not at camp, we’ll be split into 2 groups. There’s 4 different segments that need leading: Approach to the Hut (and back), 2 trips on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday. Each participant will be responsible for one of these sections. This means they will have to choose an appropriate destination (expect for approach), come up with a list of required gear, and lead the trip itself. The two trips on Saturday can coordinate if they want to do some sort of enchainment. There’s a lot of options in the area.


  • Friday
    • 4 PM: Drive up to trailhead
    • 7:30 PM: Split into 2 goups, hike into Brian Waddington Hut
    • 9:30 PM: Arive at hut, go to bed
  • Saturday
    • AM: Participant lead trip 1
    • PM: Participant lead trip 2
  • Sunday
    • AM: Participant lead trip 3
    • PM: Hike out & go home

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