Mountaineering Gear & Skills Fest

January 25th 2011


Are you an avid mountaineer? A snowshoer or a skier? Wondering how to tackle an iced water fall or a climbing route in the Bugaboos? Is there a skill or piece of gear that you want to know more about ? Or, maybe you’re a avid hiker and just want to learn to take advantage of nature more.

Please join your fellow ACC’ers at the ACC Gear and Skills Fest. We’ve lined up a wonderful group of experts. Here’s your chance to tap into the club’s wealth of knowledge. Perhaps you have some of your own pearls of wisdom to share.

On the roster for this festival so far are:

• Colin Boyle: Ski Tune Up

• Jay MacArthur: Winter Camping

• Bill Sims: Basecamp/Megamid tent/Sat Phone/First Aid Kits

• Jason Wheeler: Ice climbing gear, techniques, locations and gear maintenance (Don will be laying on a beach in Thailand or in close proximity to a climbing craig

• Martin Siegert: Rock climbing gear, techniques, locations and gear maintenance

• Paul Geddes: Avalanche Transceiver Use

• Jeff Han: GPS techniques and proper use of the Sat phone

• Martin Naroznik: Backcountry Ski Trips

• MEC (tentative)

• G3

• Jacqueline Bonn: North Shore Rescue

• Melissa Welsh + Ray Kodama: Photography

• Liz Scremin + Valerie Depauw: Meal Planning and Food Drying (still looking)

• Repair Kits (still looking)

Got anything else you’d like to see covered? We’d love to hear your ideas. Otherwise, sign up and see you in January!!

Photo provided by: Iwona Erskine-Kellie

Guest sign-up

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