Mount Rexford – West Ridge Route

July 18th 2010


This will be a single day trip departing early in the morning from Vancouver (5am). The approach is a steep hike up Nesakwatch Creek providing outstanding views of Mount Slesse enroute. We will be climbing via the classic west ridge route The west ridge is mostly scrambling with a few 5th class sections.

There is no glacier travel required. Participants must be:
– Physically fit and capable of a long day in the mountains (10hours).
– Rock climbing to the 5.7 grade

We will plan to have dinner at the Major League Pub in Chiliwack following our adventure!

“Mount Rexford is large spire of high quality granite just north of the U.S. border and just south of Chilliwack. This mountain is the tallest in the general area just east of Slesse Mountain and Nesakwatch Creek and just west of Centre Creek. It rises approximately 650 meters above its local surroundings to the west. The east side offers a tremendous local relief above Centre Creek of over 1,500 meters. This mountain has good access for a peak in B.C. with driving via logging roads and a good climbers trail from both the west and east sides.” [1]

“West Ridge – This moderate alpine rock climb is considered the standard way up the spire and while not technically harder than the Northeast Ridge, is a much shorter climb. Grade II 5.5, mostly scrambling. Use the Nesakwatch Creek approach.” [1]


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