Mount Baker – Coleman Deming (standard) route

June 15th 2019


2-day trip to Mount Baker’s Grant Peak
via the Coleman and Deming Glaciers. Priority will be given to
recent graduates of this year’s BMC-1 course and to more
experienced (intermediate/advanced) mountaineers familiar
with the route who have previous experience leading roped
teams on glacier crossings.

Day 1: We will leave Vancouver at 6:00 AM, meet at the
trailhead for Heliotrope Ridge, and start
our approach, ascending roughly 1,000 m and setting up
camp at the Black Buttes (~2,100 m).

Day 2: We will make an alpine start (2:30 AM) and ascend the
Roman Wall to Grant Peak (3,285 m).
We will start our descent no later than 9:30 AM, with the aim
of breaking camp at 1:30 PM and completing our descent to
the trailhead (~1,100 m, for a total of almost 2,200 m of
elevation loss from the summit) by 5:00 PM.

This is trip is intended as a follow-up to this year’s Basic
Mountaineering Course. Kevin McLane’s Alpine Select gives
the Coleman-Deming route up Baker a difficulty rating of ‘F,’
indicating few technical challenges beyond those attendant
to all glacier travel. The crevasses on this route are large and,
as such, should be easy to spot.

Applicants for this event will be screened for mountaineering
and snow camping experience. Priority will be given to recent
graduates of the BMC-1 and to more experienced
(intermediate/experts) mountaineers able to lead roped
teams. Depending on how many people register, we will
move in one or two roped teams of four people each.

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