Metal Dome area- lower route

March 19th 2017


The plan is to use the lower route starting
from the Callaghan Rd into the alpine area.
We will NOT attempt to go the peak, but we will
scope some safe lines just above the treeline.

This trips is NOT beginner friendly.

Expect to participate in trail-
breaking and navigation as this area has tons
of micro-terrain: I’ve uploaded a GPS
track from 1 month ago, so please study it:)

There is about 4km long
on a logging road, then we hit
nicely spaced forest with quite interesting
micro-terrain features.

In about 2h from the car we will be right at
the start of the alpine, from where we will
scope the final destination or just ski back
through the safe mellow terrain that we came
through: will take the decision as a group when
all the local conditions are evaluated, snow
profile taken..etc.

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