Little Tahoma Peak & Mt. Rainier

June 28th 2012


Canada Day Extra Extra Long Weekend

A 5 day trip to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington with
objective of skiing the E face of Little Tahoma Peak,
and the Emmons Glacier from the summit of Mt. Rainier,
4,400m .

You must have experience travelling and skiing in glacier
a be in good shape.

  • Thursday: leave Vancouver 6 AM, cross the border and
    south on I-5 to Seattle and onward to White River Ranger
    station, register and get climbing permit ($40), ski to
  • Friday: climb and ski Little Tahoma Peak, ski across Fryingpan and Emmons Glaciers to Camp Schurman
  • Saturday: climb and ski Mt. Rainier, overnight at Camp
  • Sunday: extra weather day
  • Monday: ski out, drive home

Fun times on Rainier
Skiing Emmons-
WInthrop Glacier in July 2007

Skiing Emmons-
WInthrop Glacier in July 2008

Skiing Emmons-
WInthrop Glacier in July 2009

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