Line Lund Christiansen: Waddington

March 22nd 2011


The Waddington Adventure

Last May 6 VOCers rammed a month’s worth of food along with all their ski touring and mountaineering gear into (and onto) 3 tandem kayaks and paddled up Bute Inlet.

100km of paddling and 45km of logging road slogging later they arrived in the Waddington Range range – the tallest part of the coast. Check them out at:

Who is this international ensemble of dare devils? The whole party are members or alumni of UBC’s Varsity Outdoor Club.

  • Christian (Ontario) and Line Veenstra (Denmark): The married couple, VOC executives, good for trip planning and keeping the group together.
  • Steve “Muffin” Mullen (BC) and Kjell Erik Reinhardtsen (Norway): The old-timers (well, not that old). ¬†Good for long stories hiking long logging roads, generally thinking about the situation.
  • Simen Vogt-Svendsen (Norway) and Nick Matwyuk (BC): The young-guns. Good for enthusiasm and positive outlook.

Come to listen to their tale about kayaking, slogging with heavy packs, bear encounters, endless flat glaciers, climbing big peaks, and a solid mix of “fun at the time” and “fun in retrospect” while doing the Waddington Range the old fashioned way – the classic coastal trip.

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