Joseph Blackburn: Everst’88 and Seven Summits Solo Documented

February 28th 2012


Join us for Joseph’s recounts the expeditions by Robert Mads Anderson as the two of them traveled the world and Joseph puts eye to lens to document his quest. Travel through China, Tibet and on to Mount Everest. Visit the frozen Antarctica continent as they make a first ascent. On to Russia and Argentina, even to the summit of Mount McKinley. The photographs bring the breath taking reality of mountaineering.

Anderson was Expedition Leader of the Everest’88 Kangshung Face Expedition, which established a new route to the summit of Mt Everest without the use of ‘bottled oxygen’, at the time the smallest team ever to do so.

Joseph’s photographs appeared world-wide on NBC’s ‘Today Show’, and ‘Nightly News’ with Tom Brokaw, as well as in The London Sunday Times and Sports Illustrated. Feel free to contact Josephe at:

Joseph Blackburn, Professional Photographer
[email protected]

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