John Scurlock: Mountain Aerial Photography

June 28th 2011


Yes, we’re back on! John will join us in June.

John Scurlock: Mountain Aerial Photography

Have you ever seen inspirational pictures from the mountains and glaciers of the western US and Canada. They may well have been photographed by John Scurlock.

Here’s a taste of his wonderful eye:

A past member of the ACC and friend to a range of folks like Don Serl, Drew Brayshaw, John Baldwin, Paul Geddes, and Paul Berndtson, he’s sure to have riveting stories to impart. When he climbed on the Columbia Icefield and in the Ten Peak Ranges years ago, he never dreamed then that someday he’d be photographing that region from the air!

John will present images from the great icefields of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, from the Lillooet to the Stikine and many points in between, not to mention the Canadian Rockies, Kakwa Provincial Park, and also a few photos from the Columbia Mountains and the Purcells. He’s presently working on a book entitled “Snow & Spire: Flights To Winter In The North Cascade Range”. John also has short video clips taken during aerial photography flights and he promises to give you a taste of what it is like to build an airplane! And, to prove he’s a world traveler, he’ll cap it all off but giving us a taste of what it is to travel in travels in western China, one of his many projects from last year.

Please join us for this rare photographic treat!

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