Ipsoot Mountain- Rutherford FSR area

June 24th 2017


Please note that even if you are not into
skiing but just snowshoeing you can join us as
some other 2 strong snowshoers will
join us

A 4×4 is required for the FSR so please
mention if you have one and how many people you
can take

Expect a bit of bushwhacking and
trail-finding as I’ve never been there but it
seems straight forward from the descriptions
and GPS tracks I’ve studied.

Total distance: around 17km

Elevation gain: 1700m

The 2km through the forest would be the
toughest ones as the weak snow and trail-
finding might take some time. I hope will be
able to drive to at least 900m elevation and
the snow line would probably be around 1400m-
bootpacking is required, of course, but most of
it on the logging road: around 2km.

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