Introduction to Trad Climbing

May 14th 2016


This 2-day course introduces participants to lead
climbing using gear for protection. The emphasis
of the weekend is on placing gear
(camming devices, nuts, etc.) and
evaluating placements.

Participants will
be have the opportunity to practice gear
placements on mock leads as well as
have their placements evaluated by the instructors
and other members of the group.


  • Practice and evaluate gear placements.
  • Racks and racking.
  • Clipping techniques.
  • Avoiding rope drag.
  • Impact forces and fall factors.
  • Gear anchors.
  • Mock leads and (if progress permits) real
  • Prerequisites:

    • Top-rope climbing experience: belaying and
      anchor building.
    • Minimum required climbing skills: 5.9 (5.10a
      indoors); of particular importance are crack
      climbing skills.
    • Rappelling experience.
    • Knots: Clove hitch, Munter hitch, Fig.8,
      Prussik, etc.

    In addition to signing up via the calendar, you must also fill out this Course Application
    to participate in
    this course.
    (the link will open in a new
    tab or window).

    Applicants who sign up for this course will be
    reviewed prior to acceptance into the course.

    Please also download and read the course handout ahead
    of time.

    Selection Criteria:
    All applicants must fulfill the course
    If within the first week after the event was
    posted to the calendar more than 8 qualified
    members sign up for the event, applicants
    are selected by the number of events of the ACC
    Vancouver Section they have attended in the past.

    Otherwise selection is by
    order of signup.

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