Intro to crack climbing technique

July 29th 2017


Jacob Cook and I would like to share with you
the awesomeness that is climbing cracks. Is
your knowledge of crack climbing technique
limited to phrases like “Turn your foot
sideways and stick it in the crack. Now twist
it really hard”, and “If it hurts, that means
you’re doing it right”, and “now that it’s in
there, don’t fall because you’ll lose your
finger/hand/toe/ankle!”? Well, you’re missing
the tips that are actually helpful! Crack
climbing isn’t that painful if it’s done well.

This is going to be a climbing technique course
that focuses on crack climbing that is common
around Squamish. We’ll start by discussing some
theory and equipment (gloves, shoes) then do
some practice from the ground at a crag in the
smoke bluffs and give some feedback before
starting some top rope on cracks.

This course is for people who have experience
climbing indoors or outdoors but who have very
little or no experience/success with crack

For everyone’s enjoyment, it would be great if
participants can climb 5.9 on top rope in the
gym with confidence.

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