Fat Dog / Three Brothers

February 11th 2017


This one’s for those of us who don’t get the holiday Monday but still want to get out for an overnight snow trip this weekend. The forecast is showing snow Saturday but perhaps some sun on Sunday. The current avalanche risk is Considerable/Moderate/Moderate for Friday.

This is a popular trail so minimal trail breaking should be required, though you never know. About 15km roundtrip, elevation gain about 1000m. Great chance to try out snow camping if you haven’t already – you’ll either love it or hate it!

Saturday – 8am depart from Broadway @ Commercial, Vancouver, drive to Manning, snowshoe up the Fat Dog/Cambie Cr trail, set up camp. Sunday – Continue along to Three Brothers or as far as the group likes before heading back. Return to Vancouver late Sunday night.

Please also note that I generally hike at the faster end of moderate, but prefer folks to stick together, so depending on the pace of the group, slower people may have to speed up a little and faster people may have to keep themselves in check.

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