Cragkeepers Scrubbing Session: Joined ACC/BCMC Event

September 17th 2017



The Squamish Access Society works on behalf of
climbers to maintain access to climbing,
maintain trails, update and fix anchors and bolts, support
crag development, and maintain
climbs. Because Squamish is such a wet environment, crags
quickly get dirty and mossy, and the
Squamish Access Society has asked the community to help
them keep the climbs in good shape.
The ACC, BCMC, and other clubs are stepping up to help with the Cragkeepers initiative: a group
chooses a crag, gets about ten people to spend three hours scrubbing and brushing it, and then
spends the rest of the day climbing.

The schedule

Scrub from 8 to about 11. Take a break for lunch/snacks. Then spend some time climbing at the
same crag or another, depending on group preference.

This trip is also posted on the BCMC trip list. The maximum group size on this trip is small
because I’m updating the registration cutoff to keep the total signups for both clubs to ten people
(we only have ten sets of brushes).

Guest sign-up

Sign-ups are no longer available for this event.