Course: Top-Rope Anchor Building

April 28th 2018


This 2 day volunteer led course is intended to
teach club
(a) how to build anchors for top roping, and
how to rappel safely.

The course objective it is give participants a
chance to learn the different types of anchor
setups, and to practice building them while in
controlled setting. The evaluation of
anchors with respect to safety criteria is an
important part of the course.


  • Overview of equipment.
  • Set up top rope anchors.
  • Evaluate top rope anchors.
  • Set up anchors for rappelling.
  • Practice rappelling.
  • Belaying from above.

– Experience belaying.

In addition to signing up via
the calendar, you must also fill
out this Course
Application Form

participate in this course
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Applicants who sign up for this course will be
reviewed prior to acceptance into the

Please also download and read
course handout
ahead of

Selection Criteria
If within the first week after the event was
posted to the calendar more than 12 qualified
members sign up for the event, applicants are
selected by the number of events of the
ACC Vancouver Section they have attended in the
Otherwise selection is by
order of signup.

Guest sign-up

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